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Z7 Mineral Wool Ceiling Tiles

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Mineral wool ceiling tiles are manufactured from a fibrous product made of stonewool, glasswool or wet felted mineral wool. They are produced in a wide range of products, sizes, thicknesses, density and finished face depending on the performance and specification required. Some mineral wool ceiling tiles are arranged with other materials including metal frames, plasterboard and lighting to suite the technical or architectural finish. The future opportunities for waste mineral wool ceiling tiles is being overseen by the Ceiling Sustainability Partnership who produced the Mineral Wool Ceiling Tiles Resource Efficiency Action Plan - see Further Reading.

Waste Streams     


The demolition industry is committed to ensuring that the most efficient and environmentally friendly waste stream is chosen for your demolition arisings. Please hover the disposal routes to view the waste options available for this material.

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Reclaim & Reuse

Mineral wool ceiling tiles that are in good condition, uncontaminated and easily removed may be set aside for reuse. However, due to damage, discolouration, contamination and painting they are often unsuitable for reuse and should be sent to landfill or incinerated.

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Mineral wool ceiling tiles that are uncontaminated are 100% recyclable. Manufacturers of mineral wool ceiling tiles may recover uncontaminated materials for recycling back into new products, with some achieving up to 65% recycled materials through an approved facility or their own recycling process.

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Mineral wool ceiling tiles can be incinerated at a licensed facility, with or without energy recovery.

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Disposal of mineral wool ceiling tiles in landfill should be the least favourable option and options for recovery or recycling should be assessed.

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Usage & Probable Locations

Mineral wool ceiling tiles are used for suspended ceilings alongside other materials such as metal ceiling frames, timber and plasterboard. Mineral wool ceiling tiles are 80% of all ceiling tile sales in UK. They are used as an acoustic barrier, for ceiling design, to hide heating, lighting and ventilation services and ducting and to provide a bright working environment in schools, hospitals, offices, retail and many other non-domestic buildings.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE requirements indicated are for guidance purposes only. DRIDS has identified the PPE that is mandatory on all demolition projects and ones that may be required subject to site specific Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS). Hover over the icon to determine the types of PPE required for the removal of this material.

Removal, Segregation & Storage

Mineral wool ceiling tiles that are in good condition and not contaminated or painted should be recycled or recovered. They reuse value is currently limited because they may be discoloured or easily damaged during removal, storage and transportation. Mineral wool ceiling tiles destined for recycling or recovery should be removed, segregated and stored in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer take-back schemes or material recovery facilities. Mineral wool ceiling tiles destined for landfill should be segregated from hazardous materials and placed in a mixed waste skip for separation at a materials recovery facility.


Hammer, screwdriver, electric screwdriver, spanners.

Fixtures, Fittings & Connections

Mineral wool ceiling tiles are commonly seated within a metal ceiling frame and occasionally fixed in place with small clips. Other products, vent covers, ceiling electrical sockets and heating/ventilation/cooling plant may be fitted alongside and their fittings and connections close by. Care should be taken when lifting the mineral wool ceiling tiles out of the ceiling frame.

Health & Safety

Subject to task-specific Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS). Use correct protective equipment for removing fixings, especially those associated with adjacent heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. Wear gloves when handling tiles, especially where they are damaged, coated with paint or covered in dust to prevent irritation and cuts. Wear eye protection when using hand tools or lifting tiles from the metal frame to prevent dust into eyes. Wear face mask when lifting, removing and handling mineral wool ceiling tiles to prevent inhalation of dust and particulates.

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